So let’s take a look at the plants… Companion Planting Charts. Broccoli does not mind having most other vegetables as close neighbors, and it rarely hinders others in their growth. These include super-early broccoli rabe, also called rapini or raab, which I’ll follow with sprouting broccoli, often sold as broccolini or baby broccoli in stores. In areas where frost comes late, you can plant it again for a fall crop. Plants that fit this category include loose-leaf lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, and radishes. Growing Tips . This Italian style broccoli is eaten leaves, stems and all, wither fresh or steamed. Sometimes this is a matter of choosing plants with different growth habits that do not compete with one another or those that have different nutrient needs that make efficient use of soil. Companion planting can be defined as the close planting of different species based on their ability to enhance one another's growth or offer some form of pest protection or other advantages. It is grown for it’s asparagus-like shoots. Companion planting is an age old planting technique that simply put means growing plants that benefit each other in close proximity. It is very easy to grow this type of broccoli in a container. So what should you plant next to broccoli? Plant names often tell you interesting things about the species. Do not plant next to pole beans or snap peas. Other plants that are an aromatic help to repel common garden pests that feed on broccoli include: Because broccoli is a notorious calcium-hog, plants that require little calcium are good companions, such as beets, nasturtiums, and marigolds. All in all, the purpose of companion planting is to improve the health of the plant and boost yields in an organic manner without the need for pesticides and other chemicals. Sign up for our newsletter. Broccoli Rabe Risotto with Grilled Lemon. Here’s a quick list of good companion plants for broccoli: Sage Rosemary Dill Mint Catnip Thyme ‘DiCicco’ is an Italian heirloom variety ideal for zones 3-10. Brief description: Broccoli raab is also known as asparagus broccoli, broccoletto, rapini, or rabe, . DiCicco. Be sure to cover with fleece or mesh to keep out insects and birds. Almost all plants benefit from companion planting and using companion plants for broccoli is no exception. These can planted under the broccoli plants where they will enjoy the cool shade during the late spring and early summer. Prepare the soil bed. Growing rapini in home garden is very easy and the plants grow very fast. This leaf-style rapini sometimes gets confused with turnip greens. Broccoli enjoys the company of beans and cucumbers as well. If you decide to use soil from your garden, don’t use soil that has been previously planted with brassicas as it can harbor disease. Zamboni broccoli seeds plants are approximately 52cm (22") tall and do not produce a central head but abundant side shoots which must be kept picked. For best results and the longest growing season, plant your broccoli rabe in early spring, as soon as you can work the soil in your vegetable garden. Avoid planting near eggplants, peppers, potatoes, or tomatoes. 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These include: Rosemary repels cabbage flies that lay their eggs on broccoli. In general, it is best to interplant broccoli with plants that do not need a lot of room and which enjoy some shade in the late spring and early summer when broccoli growth is most robust. Early and productive, plant this variety in succession from early spring into summer for salads and stir-fries. It … Beets, as well as nasturtiums and marigolds make great companions since they do not require the large amount of calcium that broccoli craves. As we know, there is a yin to every yang and compatible gardening is no exception. A cool-season vegetable, broccoli fully matures in only six to eight weeks and then can be cleared away to make room for a late summer or fall crop. Broccoli dislikes temperatures higher than 75 F, so midsummer is not the time for broccoli. You can start growing rapini (commonly marketed as broccoli raab or broccoli rabe in the United States) organically in your home garden if you want to grow something different. If you already have a vegetable garden, growing broccoli rabe makes for a great plant companion! Both crops are rich in vitamins A, C and K. They are as easy to grow as regular broccoli, and because they are cut … That’s companion planting over the longer term. But don’t worry; broccoli and broccoli rabe hangout together at the mustard family reunion, as they are both in the Brassicaceae family of plants (aka mustard plants). As an added benefit, planting a cover crop of white clover, alfalfa or a similar nitrogen-fixer in the off-season helps to replenish essential nutrients required by your crops during planting season. Potatoes can have a negative effect on many vegetables, but not so with broccoli, which seems unaffected by being in close proximity to potatoes. Broccoli likes neutral to slightly acidic soil, so you may wish to conduct a soil test to make sure the pH is between 6.0 and 7.0. Other experts suggest that because many of the same pests feed on these plants, its best to keep them apart in the garden in order to discourage mass insect attacks. Days to Maturity: 45-50 days. Repelling insects often has the benefit of preventing disease too, since many pests act as vectors for diseases. Chamomile isn’t the only broccoli companion herb. This beneficial relationship may be one sided or benefit both types of plants. Strategic companion planting is especially important in small gardens or wherever careful space planning is needed. But, it’s leaves, buds and stems are also edible. Non-Member $4.95. Utilizing companion plants for broccoli or for any other crop means growing plants nearby that have a symbiotic relationship. You might get no broccoli pests and will probably grow marvelous disease-free plants, but just in case, here are some possible challenges: Caterpillars, which … Sow … Sow the seeds. However, there are also some varieties of rapini that are harvested for their leafy stems and not their flowering heads. What is broccoli rabe? How to Plant Broccoli Raab. Grow your plants about two feet apart in rows spaced three feet apart. Broccoli rabe does best in full sun, so choose a spot that gets at least six hours of sunlight a day. Broccoli enjoys the company of beans and cucumbers as well. But the trick is, these plants don't do ANYTHING until they go through the chilling period of winter (unlike regular broccoli) so you really just have to wait for them to be ready. Although it likes full sun, broccoli is one of the few vegetables that will produce decently in partial shade. Broccoli Raab – This is actually a rabe style for broccoli. Chamomile isn’t the only broccoli companion herb. BROCCOLI 'RAAB SESSANTINA GROSSA'. Good companion plants for broccoli raab include spinach, carrot, bush bean, beet, tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce, chard, celery, and potato. Many times the benefit is that one plant acts as a pest deterrent for another plant. To help reduce disease, do not plant broccoli or other Brassicas in the same location more than once every three or four years. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Companion plants may also act as natural trellises, help retard weeds, or retain water which reduces the amount of management a gardener has to do. The rather short list of plants to avoid near broccoli include: Some heavy-feeding plants are also not well suited for planting near broccoli, which is also a heavy feeder. Member $3.95. Soil: Broccoli prefers a neutral soil pH, right around 7.0.A rich soil, with lots of organic matter, will keep it growing strong throughout the season. The broccoli rabe plant resembles a mustard plant more than it does its namesake broccoli. Rabe is more closely related to the lowly turnips and mustards, and like turnip and mustard, its leaves have a somewhat bitter taste. Fortunately, more plants that thrive when planted with broccoli than those that are harmful. Broccoli and cauliflower belong to the same vegetable family, which also includes brussel sprouts, turnips and cabbage. Chamomile is also purported to boost the flavor of broccoli. Cultivation and History Cultivated as a hybrid by Sakata Seed Company and first grown commercially in Mexico in 1994, broccolini is a relative newcomer to the garden scene. For this reason, avoid these plants that will compete for nutrients: Colleen Vanderlinden is a freelance writer and the author of Edible Gardening for the Midwest. Instead, it is a Mediterranean leafy green vegetable that is tied to broccoli by more than taste and a name. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. broccoli rabe image by robert lerich from Plant your broccoli and cauliflower plants in the spring, right after the last frost. They may even improve the flavor of a certain fruit or vegetable. Companion Planting All Brassicas benefit from chamomile, dill, mint, rosemary, and sage. In the end, I developed a wicked craving for one of my favorite broccoli and broccoli rabe recipes: The classic Italian pasta dish with broccoli rabe… Broccoli raab is a cool season plant that can be sown in average, well-draining soil as soon as the soil is workable. ruvo, known as broccoli rabe or rapini, which is actually a member of the turnip family, and has a more bitter taste. The broccoli rabe plant should be … It’s quite popular in some areas of Italy, where it originated, but in other parts of the world, … Growing broccoli rabe in containers is also a good idea as it can save you space and also deter pests and weeds. Transplanting the young plants. Large-Headed Broccoli. It can be used in salads and vegetable dishes or it can stand alone. If growth is slow and stems of purple buds fail to appear, use a liquid feed to prompt them. By its name, this con man has led many a gardener to believe it’s related to that prince of the garden, broccoli, but in truth, they are only distant cousins. Step 4 Keep the soil moist at all times and remove weeds to reduce competition. Other garden favorites that grow well planted alongside broccoli are beets, bush beans, dill, lettuce, spinach, rhubarb, cucumbers, Swiss chard, and radishes. It has the flavor of broccoli and pairs well with many dishes. Companion planting also increases the diversity of the garden, which is nature’s way of thwarting disease and pest infestations. Plants that fit this category include loose-leaf lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, and radishes. Well-draining garden soil amended 50-50 with compost or well-rotted manure. Unlike normal broccoli, which is from the cabbage family, Broccoli raab is related to turnip. Cabbage worms can also be thwarted by planting geraniums around the broccoli plants. It is also not to be confused with B. rapa var. Best Companion Plants For Broccoli For optimum flavor, plant broccoli near celery, onions, garlic, shallots, leeks, and potatoes. Broccoli also does well interplanted with cool season crops such as lettuce, spinach and radish. While this vegetable sounds like broccoli’s little brother, this leafy green delight is more closely related to the turnip. Sometimes companion planting has the added benefit of improving soil either nutritionally or by aerating soil. Some plants actually help improve the flavor of broccoli when planted nearby and those plants are celery, potatoes, and onions.