Product Specs. Hmm, we don't have any listings for this product right now. 2014 Gibson LG-2 American Eagle Antique Natural comes with gibson case , tools , gibson strap and gibson paperwork . Trout and Geetars. 79. {{itemCount}} {{sku.Description}} Review Cart . Reviews. Die Gibson LG-2 American Eagle verfügt über einen kleinen Korpus, dessen Boden und Zargen aus Mahagoni gefertigt sind, während die Decke aus Sitka Fichte besteht. Musical Instruments & Gear; Vintage Musical Instruments; Selected category Vintage Guitars & Basses. Buy the Gibson 2017 LG-2 American Eagle (Pre-Owned) and get free delivery. It's a small body, all solid wood, guitar which has that classic Gibson "thump." Product Registration Customer Service Repair and Restoration Report Counterfeits Serial Number FAQ Gibson Guitar Specs (2015-2019) Dealer Resource Center; Locate A Dealer; Looking for Something Specific? So wurden trotz Sell Yours. Ideal for folk, blues, and finger style, the delicately balanced 50s LG-2 Original maintains a full dynamic range while being comfortable under arm. Get the guaranteed best price on Acoustic-Electric Guitars like the Gibson 2016 LG-2 American Eagle Acoustic-Electric Guitar at Musician's Friend. Post Dec 21, 2013 #1 2013-12-21T15:26. Nice little couch guitar, or take it out and perform with the built in pickup. I wanted to find a smaller Gibson guitar that sounded like my 45 but none did. DISC Gibson LG-2 American Eagle Acoustic Guitar - Die Gibson LG-2 American Eagle Akustikgitarre verfügt über eine atemberaubende Sitka Fichte oben mit einem Mahagoni Korpus mit einem umfassenden Dynamikbereich mit erdiger Stimme. 1950 CF-100E, a 1994 Centennial model reissuing the 1950 CF-100 model, with a P-90 pickup; L-1 custom maple: in February 1993 Gibson produced series of 31 guitars made with maple back, sides and 3-piece maple neck. Trout and Geetars. Acoustic LG-2 American Eagle Gibson Guitar. I had to have one but the funds didn't exist as we were expecting our first kiddo. Durch diese Konstruktion besitzt die LG-2 American Eagle einen mittig fokussierten Sound, der einzelnde Noten mit hoher Klarheit darstellt. Acoustic Guitars. Concert. it does produce more bass. Modern Acoustic. I was surfing Youtube and somehow stumbled across the Gibson American Eagle LG2 guitar. $999.00. JoiL TV 22,755 views 7:22 Include description. Gibson LG-2 American Eagle Return To Acoustic Guitars; Accessories; Body Type. exclusive overview of the Gibson LG-2 American Eagle Acoustic-Electric Guitar. All. "This little giant produces a charming and seductive tone that rivals much larger-bodied guitars while maintaining exceptional clarity and focus in individual notes. I've noticed that this reissue LG2 has the body shape of the LG2 American Eagle, so not the original LG series body. Gently used with a lot of life & music still left to give. Equipped with an L.R. North American-sourced woods including a spruce top and mahogany back/sides compliment the body shape well. Denn so unscheinbar und optisch unaufgeregt wie sie im ersten Moment erscheint, ist sie nicht. This guitar is comparable to the Gibson L-00. Out of stock. This guitar sings with good action and an amazing tone that sounds great in the studio. 1. This guitar has had a headstock break that has been professionally repaired. Suitable for folk, blues and finger style, the delicately balanced LG-2 maintains a full-dynamic range in a compact package. Brand: Gibson; Model: LG-2 Americana. Barely played, near-mint condition, one finish check in the lacquer on the top near the neck joint, only visible at just the right angle and impossible to photograph. Now, the guitar I got as the main part of the trade - a '56 ES-140 which is basically a Les Paul-sized ES-175 - … Gallery. Ausgestattet mit einem l.r. The deal breaker was the nut width was too small [1.72 inches] for me. LG-2 American Eagle, a reissue of the vintage LG-2, with modern hardware and pickup. Similar Products. $1,799.00. Limited models. It is a traditional looking guitar that emphasizes clarity and playability, featuring a comfortable body shape and neck. 1 Finish Options . I love having it, but it only does its one thing well. This little giant produces a charming and seductive tone that rivals much larger-bodied guitars while maintaining exceptional clarity and focus in individual notes. Gibson LG-2 American Eagle produces a charming and seductive tone that rivals much larger-bodied guitars while maintaining clarity and focus in individual notes. I got my LG-2 3/4 as the tag-along in a trade I was working. Gibson LG-2 American Eagle $ 2,199 $ 1,595. (Born on 2/26 mom and baby are doing wonderfully!) a Google search shows the Americana was a limited edition. I am not going to lie - a GS-Mini is a more versatile guitar. 79. If Cameleye doesn't circle back, anyone feel free to answer. It was everything I expected from Gibson Montana. 2013 Gibson LG-2 American Eagle "Klein aber oho!" Natural face with mahogany back, sides & neck. The LG-2 combines traditional acoustic flattop construction with a short scale neck, resulting in a playable instrument that retains classic acoustic tones. Baggs Element Active Acoustic Pickup System, the LG-2 yields a robust, lively and natural acoustic voice with excellent dynamics, that is ideal for larger audiences. I would like to hear some opinions. 2014 Gibson LG-2 American in MINT CONDITION combined shipping available from Liverpool for all purchases I VALUE YOUR BUSINESS AND WILL ADDRESS ANY PROBLEMS WHICH MAY ARISE FROM YOUR PURCHASE … Related: gibson lg3 gibson lg-1 gibson lg-2 american eagle gibson j45 gibson acoustic gibson b25 gibson acoustic guitar gibson l-00 gibson lg-2 3/4 gibson lg-0 vintage acoustic guitar gibson banner. J-15 Standard Walnut. 2 Finish Options . Shop with the UK's largest guitar dealer today. Finished with Gibson's classic vintage burst and hand-sprayed nitrocellulose lacquer, this sweetheart of a guitar packs tonal punch and standout stage appeal. J-45 Studio Walnut. DISC Gibson LG-2 American Eagle Acoustic Guitar - The Gibson LG-2 American Eagle Acoustic Guitar features a stunning sitka spruce top, with a mahogany body, offering a broad dynamic range with an earthy voice. Ideal for folk, blues and finger style, the delicately balanced LG-2 maintains a full-dynamic range in a compact package. I've been gas free for a few years but I like the looks of this one and miss owning a Gibson. What constitutes the "original" LG series? Baggs Element Active Acoustic Tonabnehmer System, die LG-2 ergibt sich eine robuste, lebendige und natürliche akustische … Be the first to know when one is listed: Follow this Product. Gibson LG-2 Americana 2014 - 2016. . $1,499.00. From the Price Guide . The Gibson LG-2 American Eagle Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a comfortable and remarkably toneful instrument that is designed with the finger-style player in mind, with a body size that is popular with Americana players. Here’s a like-new Gibson LG-2 American Eagle guitar in the antique natural finish. Gibson introduces the LG-2 American Eagle, a short-scale acoustic guitar designed for folk, blues and finger style. $1,299.00. The Gibson LG-2 is an upgrade from LG-0 and LG-1 with X-bracing instead of ladder bracing. Price is close to $1000 more than the LG 2 American Eagle. Gibson Acoustic Guitars. G-45 Standard Walnut. Gibson Lg-2 american eagle Gibson Lg-2 american eagle. Checkout × We use cookies to understand how you use our site, give you an awesome experience, and deliver our services. Registered Member. Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar Gibson LG-2 American Eagle: 14 images, 1 news item and 1 user review G-45 Studio Walnut. Gibson. Und die Liste sinnvoller Features ist nicht zu verachten. This guitar has a slightly higher mid-range sound that shines in a mix. inquiring minds, and all that. Not a J-45 bass, just the best I can come up with to date. Follow this Product. . Has anyone had a chance to play one of these? 1 Finish Options . Still in production. Category. The closest I have come is the Gibson LG-2 American Eagle. The Modern Collection builds on our legacy of innovation by introducing modern features and shaping sound for future generations. Equipped with a Baggs Element pickup, the LG-2 Americana is ready to perform at the coffee shop or in the concert hall.